Congreso Internacional de mujeres gastronomía y medio rural


"Gastromujeres", showcasing female talent in Latam

Latin America is a women's world. It is also a world of stark inequalities. A reality that will be presented by Pamela Villagra.

The gender gap is a reality affecting all areas of human development, and gastronomy is no exception. The inequality experienced by women constitutes a special case among all the instances of social discrimination. 

Many of these problems, inequalities and challenges arise because we do not give enough visibility to women's talent and transformation potential. The "Gastromujeres" association emerged to act as this kind of mouthpiece, to publicise food/agriculture enterprise and projects with a female outlook, to usher in changes in the Latin American industry, with a view to discussing inclusion, work/life balance and circularity, and to combat the gastronomy gender gap.